Point of sale

  • Filling of new retail shelves
  • Refilling of sold items
  • Product range changes
  • Logistics for your items in stock during the conversion of your shelving systems

Retail shelves – readily filled

There are a good few companies that offer the planning and installation of shelving systems but at Rall Regalbau we take it one step further. Throughout Germany our service teams provide point of sale services such as filling new shelves or refilling sold items. We can take care of product range changes or the restructuring of complete departments including process planning, interim storage of present and newly delivered goods, rearrangements and disposal of packaging material.

Logistics services

Non-trading companies can also rely on our services when making changes to their shelving systems. Rall Regalbau will not only convert your shelves but also empty them beforehand and refill them later on according to your specifications.

Do you know of another company offering such a comprehensive service?

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